Live edge wood and barn board
Creations for your home

Grey white-washed barn board wall-mounted coat hook

Who is EdgeWorks Creations?

We are a small family owned business who make unique handcrafted items using live edge wood or barn board

Photos showing the quality of a Live Edge Wood Table

Work with us to personalize the live edge wood and/or barn board items you order. 

What products do we make?

EdgeWorks Creations uses live edge wood and barn board to makes beautiful unique handcrafted household decor and furniture items such as live edge wood tables, barn board lavender lights, Christmas ornaments, charcuterie boards, cutting boards, wall hangers, and barn board furnishings.

Our natural wood and reclaimed barn board products will give your home a sense of natural beauty only real wood grain can provide. 

Four led lit mason jars on two slabs of barn board
Barn Board Lavender Lights

We strive to have the natural beauty of the wood be the star of the show. To make it stand out and make a powerful statement.

Work with us to personalize the live edge wood and/or barn board items you order. 



What does Live Edge Wood mean?

The name live edge comes from keeping the native spirit of the wood “alive” when the edges of the tree are untouched.

Keeping the bark intact along with the unique knots and wood grain allows us to make one-of-a-kind, unique creations.

We use live edge wood that has been dried – either naturally or kiln dried.

Live Edge Wood Items We Make:



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Live Edge Home Décor

Live Edge Home Décor

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Card Holders

Card Holders

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What is Barn Board?

Barn Board is salvaged wood that was weathered barn siding or doors. The unique quality from the deeply grooved wood comes from decades or longer of the wood being exposed to the elements.

Although it is often softwood lumber, the make up of wood species can be varied.

We reuse old barn boards to create new, unique decor pieces that have a special history.

Whenever possible, I want to include the story of where the barn board came from and what its story is.

Some stories we have heard are ….. Learn More

I love to go to places where the owners can tell me the history of the boards, the age of the barn, what it was used for – it just adds that little something extra special to the piece.

Past and current creations from barn board.

The Wood We Use:

Siberian Elm

Siberian elm

The durabilty, thick edges and beautiful grain pattern makes Siberian Elm a great wood for charcuterie or cutting boards. The grain pattern comes to life with the application of our homemade, all-natural wood conditioner.

Sugar Maple


In North America, Europe, Asia and Africa there are over 128 species of maple trees. Sugar maples or hard maple is what is most used to make bowling pins, pool cues and butcher blocks.  EdgeWorks Creations uses maple due to its incredible strength, beautiful grain and how nicely it holds a wood stain.   Our maple creations include cutting boards, charcuterie boards, décor pieces and live edge tables.  You can find the spile hole from maple syrup production in some of our products.

White Oak

White Oak

A versatile wood species, white oat was once considered the most valuable of all species of wood and it remains one of the top hardwoods available.  EdgeWorks Creations has big plans for some recently acquired white oak including a resin table. Photos to come soon!

Black Walnut

Black Walnut

A native to Ontario, black walnut is well known for its lumber and nuts.  Following a strong wind storm some large branches came down off the black walnut tree where EdgeWorks Creations is located.  It was used to create our adorable Christmas ornaments, coasters, candle holders and more. 

It makes us very happy when we can recycle and reuse wood that was destined for the fireplace or woodchipper and turn it into beautiful, natural pieces. 

How Do We Source Our Wood?

The journey from tree to finished product – live edge wood

How we prepare the wood depends on the species of tree and the project we are creating.

Every step is done using care and attention to detail.  

We only source our live edge wood locally. When we can we repurpose scraps and other pieces to ensure there is minimal waste.  There are amazing Ottawa area loggers and woodshops we work with. Like us they pride themselves in providing quality materials and products…. MORE

Getting Barn Board

We must admit, we love going to pick out new pieces of wood for projects or just to have on hand, but going to pick out pieces of barn board holds an extra special place in our hearts.

Looking through the various boards wondering about all the stories each board could tell if it could speak is very exciting to us.

We always try to find out the history of the boards when talking to the folks that source them….MORE