• Each piece is unique and comes with its own story – where possible, the history of the barn board comes with item
  • Minimal work is done to the wood which accentuates its natural beauty
  • Transform wood that is over 100 years old into a new, breathtaking piece
  • We can do custom orders
  • Some of the décor pieces include: new or antique mason jars, fairly lights, artificial, dried or real flowers, antique hooks, picture frames and other unique iron pieces.
  • Display flowers, store craft supplies, q-tips, etc.
  • Sealed with a polyurethane to protect the natural beauty for another 100 years

A Piece of History

We love going to pick out new pieces of wood for the workshop, but going to pick out pieces of barn board holds an extra special place in our hearts. 

If these boards could speak imagine the stories they could tell. We always try to find out the history of the boards when talking to the folks that are selling them.

Some stories we have heard so far are:

About a barn that was originally built by someone’s great, great grandfather in the late 1800’s. 

How a barn stood through generations of family members, endured brutal weather for over 150 years. 

That the beams of the same barn were bought by a developer that took them to build a ski chalet in France. 

Some may see the deep grooves in a board as being too old or weathered for much good. We look at barn board and see unique, one-of-a-kind character in each piece.

We Preserve The History

Breathing new life into a piece of barn board gives us great joy when we see the happiness on the faces of the customers who purchase a piece of history. 

Each piece of barn board is cleaned and sanitized then sealed with polyurethane to help protect the board for years to come. 

EdgeWorks Creations can customize our pieces of barn board into all sorts of unique and stunning pieces.  Contact as today and let us turn a piece of history into a beautiful treasure.

Custom Order Your Barn Board Piece

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