The Wood We Use:

It makes us very happy when we can recycle and reuse wood that was destined for the fireplace or woodchipper and turn it into beautiful, natural pieces. 

Siberian Elm

Siberian elm

The durabilty, thick edges and beautiful grain pattern makes Siberian Elm a great wood for charcuterie or cutting boards. The grain pattern comes to life with the application of our homemade, all-natural wood conditioner.

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Sugar Maple


There are over 128 different species of maple that can be found in Asia, Europe, northern Africa, and North America.  Sugar maples or hard maple is what is most used to make bowling pins, pool cues and butcher blocks.  EdgeWorks Creations uses maple due to its incredible strength, beautiful grain and how nicely it holds a wood stain.   Our maple creations include cutting boards, charcuterie boards, décor pieces and live edge tables.  Some of the maple used in our tables even includes the hole from the spile when the tree was tapped for maple syrup.

White Oak

White Oak

White Oak is a versatile wood species. It was once considered the most valuable of all species of wood and it remains one of the top hardwoods that is available.  EdgeWorks Creations has big plans for some recently acquired white oak including a resin table.  Stay tuned for pictures!

Black Walnut

Black Walnut

A native to Ontario, black walnut is well known for its lumber and nuts.  Following a strong wind storm some large branches came down for the black walnut tree where EdgeWorks Creations is located.  It was used to create our adorable Christmas ornaments, coasters, candle holders and more.