How Do We Source Our Wood?

The journey from tree to finished product – live edge wood

How we prepare the wood depends on the species of tree and the project we are creating.

Every step is done using care and attention to detail.  

We only source our live edge wood locally. When we can we repurpose scraps and other pieces to ensure there is minimal waste.  There are amazing Ottawa area loggers and woodshops we work with. Like us they pride themselves in providing quality materials and products…. MORE

Getting Barn Board

We must admit, we love going to pick out new pieces of wood for projects or just to have on hand, but going to pick out pieces of barn board holds an extra special place in our hearts.

Looking through the various boards wondering about all the stories each board could tell if it could speak is very exciting to us.

We always try to find out the history of the boards when talking to the folks that source them….MORE