A live edge slab holds the natural beauty of wood by preserving the bark or outside skin of the tree.  When a tree is sawed, the beauty of the heart and sapwood is exposed. Saving the bark edge captures the full story of the tree.

Our process varies in how we prepare the locally sourced edge wood , but every step is done using care and attention to detail. 

Our steps for collecting and preparing Live Edge Wood.

  1. The most important step is to make sure our live edge wood is dry.
  2. We prefer wood from a dry kiln
  3. Some wood takes years to dry
  4. We can dry them at home

 The most important step is to make sure the edge wood is properly dried or it will most likely crack or warp which could ruin the final product.  Our first choice is to source wood that is dried in a wood kiln. The alternative to having our wood kiln dried is allowing it to dry naturally which can take several months to over a year.  Small pieces can be dried in a low temperature at home, under close supervision. 

The next step is sanding, sanding and more sanding.  We use several grits of sandpaper working our way to a silky finish.  

We finish our products in various ways depending on the product and purpose.  A polyurethane is used to protect live edges, our natural wood conditioner for our products that will be used with food and wood stains should our customers request it.  Each step in the process is done with care ensuring that we create a beautiful piece for our customers to enjoy for many years to come.

Whenever possible, we repurpose scraps and other pieces to ensure there is minimal waste.  We work with some amazing local loggers and wood shops that, like us, pride themselves in providing quality materials and products.

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Card Holders

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