Barn board holding mason jars of lavender and lighs product by EdgeWorks Creations

Barn Board Home Décor

Bring the natural warm of wood to the inside of your house with Barn Board home décor.

We reuse old barn boards to create new, unique decor pieces that have a history. When I go to find barn boards I love to go to places where the owners can tell me the history of the boards, the age of the barn, what it was used for – it just adds that little something extra special to the piece.

Whenever possible, I want to include the story of where the barn board or live edge piece came from and what its story is.

  • Each piece is unique and comes with its own story – where possible, the history of the barn board comes with item
  • Minimal work is done to the wood which accentuates its natural beauty
  • Transform wood that is over 100 years old into a new, breathtaking piece
  • Some of the décor pieces include: new or antique mason jars, fairy lights, artificial, dried or real flowers, antique hooks, picture frames and other unique iron pieces.
  • Can be used to display flowers, store craft supplies, q-tips, etc.

Sealed with a polyurethane to protect the natural beauty for another 100 years

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